The Forgotten Love (Part 1)

This story was made 1 year ago when I have English project—making story. Then I make this story ( ◞・౪・) . I hope U like it °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°!!

At spring in Osaka lived a girl named Haruhi. She liked her childhood friend, Natsume, since she was 6 years old, but suddenly he moved to Tokyo because his father has business in there. Natsume didn’t have the chance to say ‘goodbye’ to Haruhi. After Haruhi realized Natsume was gone, she cried and cried nonstop for 3 days. She decided to let go of her feelings. Coincidently, Natsume went back to Osaka after living in Tokyo for 10 years and went to the same school with Haruhi.

Few months later, Haruhi confessed her feelings to Natsume. Surprisingly, Natsume have mutual feelings with Haruhi and they started dating. After that Natsume always walk Haruhi to her house.

“Hey Natsume, are you bored to walk me home always? It’s already 4 consecutive days you walked me home” asked Haruhi.

“Nope not at all, cuz Haruhi will be bored if I’m not by your side,” said Natsume with a smirk.

“D-don’t be to overconfident you idiot!” said Haruhi with a ‘tomato’ face.

“Hahaha.. your ‘tomato’ face is funny.. too funny,” said Natsume laughing.

“Hmph… too noisy in here,” said Haruhi “Let’s keep distance.”

“Hahaha.. Just kidding,” said Natsume “Oh yeah It’s almost your birthday right?” said Natsume

“Nope it’s still 8 days more,” said Haruhi.

“Yeah I know, but it’s only 8 days more. Time is really fast. I’m going to prepare it first. Bye!” said Natsume when he runs across the zebra cross at green light.

“Wait it’s-” shout Haruhi panicky.

Then Natsume crashed by a car. Haruhi cries and call the ambulance as fast as she can. Natsume was brought to the Hospital in the emergency room.

Then Natsume have an operation. After 3 hours waiting, luckily he still can be saved, though he has a broken arm.

“Doctor, can I see Natsume after Natsume awake?” asked Haruhi with a red eyes and a worried face.

“Yes of course,” said the doctor.

The doctor left with an unhappy face.

“Doctor, why do you look sad?” ask Haruhi.

“I’m sorry, Natsume is having amnesia after crashing the car,” said the doctor “B-but don’t be sad, maybe he still remember his name, age, his parents, and everyone who is precious to him”

“R-really?” ask Haruhi worried

“Yes” said the doctor

1 hour later, Natsume was awake. Haruhi called her friends. She also was planning to buy a cake and surprised Natsume

“SURPRISE! Did that surprised you?” shout Haruhi and her friends when they open the door.

“Who are you?” asked Natsume

Haruhi was really surprised and she explained that she was his childhood friends and his girlfriend but Natsume didn’t believe any of her words. She was depressed and went home right after she explained to him. In her room, she lied down in her bed and she cried. Then Haruhi’s dog, Cappy, jumped to her bed to entertain Haruhi. Haruhi understands animals what they wanted to do and said.

“Ruff ruff ruff,” bark Cappy as he rolled in Haruhi’s bed.

“Thanks for entertain me Cappy, but now I’m really depressed. Natsume forgot me,” said Haruhi sadly.

“Ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff.. (Cheer up maybe Natsume is only joking),” bark Cappy

“No Cappy he completely forgot about me. I know if Natsume is joking or serious,” said Haruhi.

“Ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff (he forgot about you, then you have to make he remembers you),” bark Cappy

“Oh yeah!! That’s right!!!Thanks Cappy!!” said Haruhi while hugging Cappy.

“Au..(Yeahh!),” bark Cappy

“Okay I decided to make Natsume remembers all memories that is special!” shout Haruhi

“Au..Au!!(Yeah that’s right!),” bark Cappy


Next up: The 2nd partThe Forgotten Love (part 2)


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