The Forgotten Love (part 2)

HI!! Here’s the part 2 (*^▽^)/ Hope U enjoy it!!

p.s: Sorry If I have a bad grammar (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)

If you haven’t read the 1st partThe Forgotten Love (part 1)

5 days later, Haruhi was really excited because starting today Natsume is going to school. Haruhi went to Natsume house to pick him up.

“Ding dong,” Haruhi pressed the doorbell

“Excuse me auntie, is Natsume here?” ask Haruhi politely.

“Krek,” the sound of the door as mother’s Natsume opened.

“Oh my goodness it’s Haruhi!! It’s been really long!” shout Natsume’s mother while hugging Haruhi.

“Y-yes. From today I’ll pick up Natsume because maybe Natsume didn’t remember his school,” said Haruhi.

“Thanks Haruhi!” said Natsume’s mom. “Natsume!! Faster!! Haruhi is here to pick you up!!”

“Comin’” said Natsume. “Oh you’re the person from 5 days ago? How’ve you’ve been doing?”

“Fine.. I guess,” said Haruhi while she was walking.

“Hey! Wait for me!” shout Natsume.

Natsume mother chuckled and closed the door. The school start, Haruhi’s class was not the same as Natsume so she was kinda worried. At lunch time, Haruhi eats her food in the classroom with her friend, Nina.

“Hey,” said Nina “Who’s that girl? I mean the girl that is clinging to Natsume?”

“Idk,” said Haruhi. “WHAT SHE IS… No no that can’t be.. not a chance.”

“Are you talking to yourself?” ask Nina “Who is she btw?”

“I-I think she was in my school. I think her name is Marianne. Sh-she hates me to death,” said Haruhi. “ I think she hates me because I’m Natsume childhood friends and girlfriend”

“OMG! Is that true?” ask Nina. “You should take Natsume first before she does!”

“Yeah that’s true,” said Haruhi. “I have to think something! Oh yeah I got it at 2nd lunch time I’ll buy him his fav drink in the canteen. Maybe he’ll remember! Sorry Nina but I’ll be with him”

“Yeah yeah no prob Ha-chii (her nickname)” said Nina.

“Hehe you’re the best!” shout Haruhi.

1st lunch break is over. Now it’s the 2nd lunch break. Haruhi directly went to canteen and bought Natsume his fav drink, an orange milk juice that was made by Haruhi’s aunt.

“Aunt! I wanna buy 1 orange milk juice!” said Haruhi enthusiastically

“Eh? I thought you hate sour things,” said Haruhi’s aunt. “What happened today? Why are you so happy?”

“I wanna go eat with Natsume now,” said Haruhi.

“Oh yeah, Natsume really likes to drink the orange milk juice here,” said Haruhi’s aunt. “This, better ask him how’s the taste. Maybe he’ll remember a little.”

“Yeah!” shout Haruhi while she was running. “Later! Just ask my mom the money!”

“tsk..tsk..tsk” said Haruhi’s aunt as she shook her head. “What a spoiled girl.”

Haruhi ran fast to ask Natsume and she coincidentally bump into Natsume in the school garden.

“Oh sorry,” said Haruhi. “Wait! I mean please drink this juice!! I think you’ll remember something!”

“O-okay?” said Natsume

He drank the juice and he was dazed with it.

“Hey, what’s in it? I feel that I ever taste it under the cherry blossom tree,” said Natsume. “And someone who’s really precious to me is beside me, sorry maybe it’s just my imagination.”

“No, no it’s not your imagination,” said Haruhi. “It’s real. You love to drink this juice when you’re 6 years old. This was made by my aunt.”

“Your aunt?” ask Natsume. “Oh, the one that sells drink. I love the drinks there. Is your aunt lives with you?”

“Yeah,” said Haruhi. “You can come to my house if you want to.”

“Really?” said Natsume. “Can I come to your house today? I don’t know where your house is.”

Haruhi was really happy when Natsume said that.

“SURE!! I’ll walk you to your home too, kay’?” said Haruhi.

“Lol. Okay,” said Natsume.

Then, Marianne came and hugged Natsume.

“Hey, watcha’ doing with my dear?” said Marianne.

“Your dear? Is that true Natsume?” ask Haruhi.

“Absolutely no,” said Natsume. “Please don’t hug me, I’m kinda uncomfortable.”

“Okay dear, but let’s go to the classroom, the bell’s already ringing,” said Marianne.

The 2 of them left and Haruhi was really shock. She came back to class with a depressed face. Then, the school was finally done.

“Ughh.. Why’s there are many annoying people in this world,” said Haruhi while she wanted to went home in the school’s lobby

“Who’s annoying?” ask Natsume suddenly in the back of her.

“KYAHH!! N-natsume you scared me!!!” shout Haruhi.

“Hehe.. Sorry,” said Natsume. “So, let’s go home together.”

“Oh yeah, let’s,” said Haruhi.


Next up: The 3rd partThe Forgotten Love (part 3)


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