The Forgotten Love (part 4)

Well yeah this story ends here ∩(︶▽︶)∩ I hope U all enjoy it o(*^▽^*)o !!

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The next day, Haruhi was really excited of Shin’s birthday so she wears a pretty ribbon that Shin gave at her birthday. Then Haruhi pick Natsume up but Natsume still acting strange.

“Hey, why are you acting strange since yesterday?” ask Haruhi. “Are you sick? I can walk you to the hospital now.”

“No, no. It’s just.. you don’t have to know,” said Natsume.

“Okay?” said Haruhi.

Then they’ve arrived at school. After school is over, Haruhi and Natsume went to the Big Square restaurant. Then they met Shin.

“Hello Haruhi, oh you wear the pretty ribbon that I gave to you,” said Shin. “Yo, you came too huh?”

“Yeah, that’s because I’m excited for today,” said Haruhi. “Let’s get going, I’ll treat both of you.”

Then, they entered the restaurant. They eat many kinds of drink and food.

“I’m sorry but I wanna go to toilet first,” said Haruhi.

“Okay,” said Natsume and Shin

Haruhi went to the toilet. She felt that everyone staring at her because Natsume and Shin was too attractive. Natsume was too handsome and Shin was too cool. The 2 of them is smart too.

“Fyuhh!! Don’t be in the pressure, Haruhi!” encourage to herself. “Just have fun!”

After, she went out of the toilet. Natsume and Shin was already disappeared. Then someone touched and grabbed Haruhi’s hand.

“Oi, Let my hand go!” shout Haruhi.

“SHHH.. It’s me Shin,” said Shin. “After you’ve gone to the toilet, the girls were surrounds us and we know wanted to escape from them.”

“Wow, Natsume and you’re like an artist,” said Haruhi.

“Hmph, it’s so annoying being surrounds by someone,” said Natsume.

“Okay, okay let’s escape from them,” said Haruhi. “What’s the plan? Well whatever, just escapes and go straight to my house. Let’s have party in my house.”

“Okay,” said Shin and Natsume.

Then they ran as fast as they can to Haruhi’s house and they’ve made it.

“MOM! Please open fast!” said Haruhi. “There are many people here!”

“Go inside!! Fast!” said Haruhi’s mom.

“Fyuh, we’re saved,” said Haruhi.

“So, Shin-kun and Natsume-kun, what bring you here?” ask Haruhi’s mom.

“Oh, we’re here to celebrate Shin’s birthday,” said Haruhi. “But because they’re too handsome, they’ve been surrounded.”

“And then, Haruhi’s idea to celebrate my birthday here,” said Shin.

“Okay, I’ll buy the cake first,” said Haruhi’s mom. “You 2 wait at Haruhi’s room, Haruhi, you accompany them too.”

“Okay,” said Haruhi. “Let’s go to my room.”

Then they went to Haruhi’s room, the same as usual Cappy greet them. And then Haruhi went to the kitchen for making the juice that Natsume likes. After she made the juice she went upstairs to bring the juice to her room. Haruhi heard that Natsume was talking to Shin. She was really curious so she was eavesdropped them.

“Hey, I know that you don’t know what day is 17th May tomorrow,” said Shin.

“Yeah, she said that I don’t have to know,” said Natsume.

“Oh, should I tell you then?” said Shin. “It’s her birthday tomorrow.”

“Wh-what!?” shout Natsume.

Suddenly, Haruhi opened the room and act she doesn’t heard anything.

“Hey, while we wait for my mom, wanna have this juice?” said Haruhi. “It’s my aunt special juice. AND please wait here Natsume, hey Shin here.”

Haruhi and Shin went out of the room.

“Hey, I’m sorry to eavesdrop you while you’re talking with Natsume,” said Haruhi. “But, why do you tell him that it’s my birthday tomorrow? It’s gonna be a secret.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry, you have to say that to me first,” said Shin, “but why do you keep it a secret?”

“Well, I explain it first kay?” said Haruhi. “After he finally came back to Osaka, coincidentally he went to the same high school as me. Then, I confessed to him that I liked him since we were little, we have the same feelings towards each other. We started dating but suddenly he was being crashed by a car and had amnesia. I want him to remember that it was my birthday tomorrow.”

“So you liked him?” said Shin. “How ‘bout me?”

“What about you?” ask Haruhi. “What do you mean?”

“Do you like me?” said Shin.

“Well, yeah,” said Haruhi.

“Not as a friend, but as a man,” said Shin.

“E-EH!?” shout Haruhi.

Haruhi saw that Natsume accidentally eavesdropped Haruhi and Shin talking.

“H-hey Natsume, since when did you hear?” ask Haruhi.

“When Shin said ‘do you like me’,” said Natsume with a depressed face. “I’m going home, sorry but I’ll not attend your birthday party, bye.”

Then Natsume went out of the house. Haruhi feels sad.

“Hey don’t be too sad, I’m sorry what I said before, let’s have party between the 2 of us,” said Shin.

“No problem maybe Natsume will be back to his normal self tomorrow. Let’s wait for the cake,” said Haruhi

Then Haruhi’s mom brought the cake, they celebrated the party between the 2 of them only. The next day, Haruhi woke up really early for making the usual lunch for Natsume and her, as usual, picked up Natsume. But, he still acts strange since 2 days earlier.

“Hey, if you’re really sick, I’ll walk you to the hospital,” said Haruhi, “or are you still remembering yesterday? If that, Shin is only joking. He loves to joke around.”

“Oh,” Natsume said with a sick face.

“Your face is kinda pale,” said Haruhi. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” said Natsume

They arrived at school and started to study. At 1st lunch break, Haruhi felt that she was being avoided by Natsume. At 2nd break, Haruhi found a paper that told her to wait at the school garden. At 4 pm, the school ended. Haruhi waited at the school garden. Suddenly, Natsume came to the school garden.

“Hey, I’m sorry to avoid you,” said Natsume. “Oh, and I’m the person that wrote the note.”

“Oh so you’re the person who wrote the note,” said Haruhi. “So what do you want to talk?”

“Do you love Shin, as a man?” said Natsume. “If it’s like that, I’ll help you,”

“N-no! I do not like that idiot,” said Haruhi. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’m jealous,” said Natsume.

Haruhi saw his face was pouting.

“Eh?” said Haruhi. “What do you mean?”

“I’m jealous, so I want you to stay away from Shin,” said Natsume. “In other word I’M IN LOVE YOU WITH YOU!”

Natsume was blushing until his ears are red.

“I don’t need your answer,” said Natsume. “I know that you like-“

“I’m in love with you too,” said Haruhi. “Since we’re little, s-so can you be my b-boyfriend once again?”

“S-sure,” said Natsume

Haruhi thought that this was the best presents of all. Natsume knows remembered her and they started going out. It was like a dream.



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