The Teacher’s Room

Image_df56090The place where the teachers do their things is in the teacher’s room. As I walk inside the teacher’s room, I feel comfortable because the teachers are nice and fun. I often talk to the teacher about the materials that are given to us, the trending topic in social media, and funny jokes. The teachers usually eat, drink, listen to songs, make tests and homework, and gossip about the students. To have cool, fun and exciting teacher, wouldn’t it be great?

When I went into the teacher’s room, the air feels cold and calming. It really has a nice atmosphere. The floor there is very clean, differ with the floor inside the classroom. The teacher maintain cleanliness so that the office boy will not be very tired to clean. Stickers were attached on the wall to make the teacher’s room more colorful and bright. There’s also a cross because our school is a catholic school. The schedules in the teacher’s room that are attached to the wall of the teacher’s room is to make the teacher not late into the class to be taught.

At the morning, I must put my smartphone inside the HP box. The HP box were put in the teacher’s room so that it would be safe. If I need to use the smartphone, I should ask permission to my homeroom teacher or the teacher there.

There’s a printer which the teacher use for printing documents and for teaching purposes. When I need a paper, I can ask for paper to the teacher nearby easily and they will give the paper to me. There’s also many ‘lost and found’ things, which were being put under the Aqua gallon, that were found by the teachers.

There are lots of more things to describe about the teacher’s room and the teachers in JPS, like how hard they work to make the students realize their condition, making an extra classes so that the students will be promoted to the next grade, etc. Our JPS school teacher and teacher’s room looks amazing and fascinating right?



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