Sugoi Japan

Japan, known as the ‘land of the rising sun’, is located on East Asia. The Japan has more than 6600 islands but most of the islands are small and people 20150930_091629.jpgrarely occupy the place because most of them are very old. Furthermore, Japan has 4 main islands and they are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is located on Honshu Island. 

Japan’s has 4 season namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Most of the tourists and traveler went to Japan when spring and autumn because at that time Japan has the most beautiful scenery than the other countries. In spring, cherry blossom, also known as ‘Sakura’, started to bloom. The fascinating pink flower color Japan’s cities and village. You should come to Japan when it is spring and autumn and you will not regret it.


Japan has their own traditional festive that is called Japanese Festival, also known as ‘Matsuri’ (). The festival is always located near the shrine. Japanese people does not celebrate Lunar New Year, unlike most people in East Asia. In matsuri, people can always find matsuri booths that sells souvenirs, and foods, such as cotton candy, takoyaki, candy apple and many more, and there are also booths for games, such as goldfish-scooping, snipping, etc. Usually, people went to festival wearing yukata and kimono.

The most popular sports in Japan is baseball, also known as ‘yakyu’ (). Baseball is not only played by the professional, but also played by the high schooler. The Japanese national baseball team is also considered as the world strongest team. Furthermore, many Japanese people have gone to Major League Baseball even though Japan has their own official league known as Nippon Professional.

Nowadays, Japan TV animation, or ‘anime’, is also popular in Japan and other countries. Anime is the abbreviation of animation. Before, anime was regarded childish but now adults also watch anime. Because many people were interested in anime, they went to Japan to study how to make an anime. Is Japan’s culture wonderful?


The Teacher’s Room

Image_df56090The place where the teachers do their things is in the teacher’s room. As I walk inside the teacher’s room, I feel comfortable because the teachers are nice and fun. I often talk to the teacher about the materials that are given to us, the trending topic in social media, and funny jokes. The teachers usually eat, drink, listen to songs, make tests and homework, and gossip about the students. To have cool, fun and exciting teacher, wouldn’t it be great?

When I went into the teacher’s room, the air feels cold and calming. It really has a nice atmosphere. The floor there is very clean, differ with the floor inside the classroom. The teacher maintain cleanliness so that the office boy will not be very tired to clean. Stickers were attached on the wall to make the teacher’s room more colorful and bright. There’s also a cross because our school is a catholic school. The schedules in the teacher’s room that are attached to the wall of the teacher’s room is to make the teacher not late into the class to be taught.

At the morning, I must put my smartphone inside the HP box. The HP box were put in the teacher’s room so that it would be safe. If I need to use the smartphone, I should ask permission to my homeroom teacher or the teacher there.

There’s a printer which the teacher use for printing documents and for teaching purposes. When I need a paper, I can ask for paper to the teacher nearby easily and they will give the paper to me. There’s also many ‘lost and found’ things, which were being put under the Aqua gallon, that were found by the teachers.

There are lots of more things to describe about the teacher’s room and the teachers in JPS, like how hard they work to make the students realize their condition, making an extra classes so that the students will be promoted to the next grade, etc. Our JPS school teacher and teacher’s room looks amazing and fascinating right?


My Wonderful Fieldtrip | Fieldtrip indah saya

Have you ever went to an exciting place which everyone can play and learn? I know the best place for that. On April 27 2017, my friends, teachers, and I went to Kampung Gajah Wonderland, which located on Lembang. I really had fun there! By reading this article, you will know the condition on the way to get there, the fascinating creatures and the incredible rides.

Pernahkah Anda pergi ke tempat yang menyenangkan dimana setiap orang bisa bermain dan belajar? Aku tahu tempat terbaik untuk itu. Pada tanggal 27 April 2017, teman-teman, guru, dan aku pergi ke Kampung Gajah Wonderland, yang terletak di Lembang. Aku benar-benar bersenang-senang disana! Dengan membaca artikel ini, Anda akan tahu kondisi dalam perjalanan menuju ke sana, makhluk yang mempesona dan wahana yang luar biasa.

  • On the way to get there | Di perjalanan menuju ke sana

We left the school at around 06 50 and arrived at around 11 20. On the way to get there, there were traffic jam so we got there really late, but it was a fun because on the bus, we took selfies with our teacher and friends, read comics, play games, eat snacks, listening to songs, and chatting with our teacher and friends. We used 2 bus because the total of students that went there are 108.

Kami meninggalkan sekolah sekitar pukul 06.50 dan tiba sekitar pukul 11.20. Dalam perjalanan menuju ke sana, ada kemacetan sehingga kami sampai di sana sangat terlambat, tapi menyenangkan karena di dalam bus, kami selfie bersama guru dan teman kami, membaca komik, bermain game, makan makanan ringan, mendengarkan lagu, dan untitled.pngmengobrol dengan guru dan teman kami. Kami menggunakan 2 bus karena total siswa yang pergi ke sana adalah 108 orang.

When we went to rest area to go to toilet, many busses gathered and park their bus. I was sitting beside the window, reading a comic that my friend has brought. When I looked to see the scenery outside, I saw a person wrote bad words to K-pop fans and they show it to us. When we saw it, my friends and I got angry. It was an unpleasant memory.

Ketika kami pergi ke tempat istirahat untuk pergi ke toilet, banyak bus yang berkumpul dan memarkir. Aku duduk di samping jendela, membaca komik yang dibawa temanku. Ketika saya melihat pemandangan di luar, saya melihat seseorang menulis kata-kata buruk untuk penggemar K-pop dan mereka menunjukkannya kepada kita. Ketika kami melihatnya, teman-temanku dan aku marah. Itu adalah kenangan yang tidak menyenangkan.
  • The Minizoo there | Minizoo disana

After we’ve arrived at Kampung Gajah, we make 3 lines so that we could get the ticket t20170427_115040o go inside. We immediately enter the minizoo after we got the ticket. We fed the rabbits, marmots, and monkeys. with the carrots and vegetables given to us. Furthermore, we can see peacocks, birds, fish, otter, and many more. All of the student took picture, and some make a vlog because we have tasks that have been assigned by the teachers.

Setelah sampai di Kampung Gajah, kami membuat 3 jalur sehingga kami bisa mendapatkan tiket masuk. Kami langsung masuk ke kebun binatang yang kecil setelah kami mendapat tiketnya. Kami memberi makan kelinci, marmut, dan monyet. Dengan wortel dan sayuran yang diberikan kepada kita. Selanjutnya, kita bisa melihat burung merak, burung, ikan, berang-berang, dan masih banyak lagi. Semua siswa mengambil gambar, dan beberapa membuat vlog karena kita memiliki tugas yang telah diberikan oleh para guru.

  • Attractive rides that we played |Wahana menarik yang kami mainkan

The teacher gave us free time so that we could play the rides that are available there. Firstly, we rode ‘Tubby’ as the first ride because it was the most closest ride from the minizoo. The ‘Tubby’ was really1493276939070s fun, even though it seems not attractive at all. Next, we played the ‘Fantastic Car’. It has a big statue in the back that makes the car more interesting. We rode the car that has the iron man statue in the back.

Guru-guru memberi kami waktu luang sehingga kami bisa bermain wahana yang tersedia di sana. Pertama, kami mengendarai ‘Tubby’ sebagai tumpangan pertama karena merupakan perjalanan paling dekat dari minizoo. ‘Tubby’ sangat menyenangkan, meski tampaknya tidak menarik sama sekali. Selanjutnya, kami memainkan ‘Fantastic Car’. ‘Fantastic Car’ memiliki patung besar di belakang yang membuat mobil lebih menarik. Kami mengendarai mobil yang memiliki Iron man di belakang.

After we rode ‘Fantastic Car’, my friends and I explored the rides that are suitable for us. After 1 hour searching, we found ‘Go Kart’ ride. It was a very fun ride which make me feel that I’m a profesional driver. After we played ‘Go Kart’, we took pictures there.

Setelah kami mengendarai ‘Fantastic Car’, teman-teman dan saya menjelajah wahana yang sesuai untuk kami. Setelah 1 jam mencari, kami menemukan ‘Go Kart’ naik. Itu adalah wahana yang sangat menyenangkan yang membuat aku merasa menjadi seorang pembalap profesional. Setelah kami bermain ‘Go Kart’, kami mengambil foto di sana.

  • The most delightful ride | Wahana yang paling menyenangkan

The Waterboom there is the most refreshing rides than the others. I only played the ‘Wavepool’, whose wave last for about 40 minutes. You could rent the swim tires to play the ‘Wavepool’ and other areas of Waterboom.

Waterboom adalah wahana yang paling menyegarkan dari yang lain. Saya hanya memainkan ‘Wavepool’, yang gelombangnya berlangsung sekitar 40 menit. Anda bisa menyewa ban renang untuk bermain ‘Wavepool’ dan area lain di Waterboom.

“We were born to make history”

“Kami lahir untuk membuat sejarah”

The Forgotten Love (part 4)

Well yeah this story ends here ∩(︶▽︶)∩ I hope U all enjoy it o(*^▽^*)o !!

If you haven’t read the 1st partThe Forgotten Love (part 1)

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If you haven’t read the 3rd partThe Forgotten Love (part 3)

The next day, Haruhi was really excited of Shin’s birthday so she wears a pretty ribbon that Shin gave at her birthday. Then Haruhi pick Natsume up but Natsume still acting strange.

“Hey, why are you acting strange since yesterday?” ask Haruhi. “Are you sick? I can walk you to the hospital now.”

“No, no. It’s just.. you don’t have to know,” said Natsume.

“Okay?” said Haruhi.

Then they’ve arrived at school. After school is over, Haruhi and Natsume went to the Big Square restaurant. Then they met Shin.

“Hello Haruhi, oh you wear the pretty ribbon that I gave to you,” said Shin. “Yo, you came too huh?”

“Yeah, that’s because I’m excited for today,” said Haruhi. “Let’s get going, I’ll treat both of you.”

Then, they entered the restaurant. They eat many kinds of drink and food.

“I’m sorry but I wanna go to toilet first,” said Haruhi.

“Okay,” said Natsume and Shin

Haruhi went to the toilet. She felt that everyone staring at her because Natsume and Shin was too attractive. Natsume was too handsome and Shin was too cool. The 2 of them is smart too.

“Fyuhh!! Don’t be in the pressure, Haruhi!” encourage to herself. “Just have fun!”

After, she went out of the toilet. Natsume and Shin was already disappeared. Then someone touched and grabbed Haruhi’s hand.

“Oi, Let my hand go!” shout Haruhi.

“SHHH.. It’s me Shin,” said Shin. “After you’ve gone to the toilet, the girls were surrounds us and we know wanted to escape from them.”

“Wow, Natsume and you’re like an artist,” said Haruhi.

“Hmph, it’s so annoying being surrounds by someone,” said Natsume.

“Okay, okay let’s escape from them,” said Haruhi. “What’s the plan? Well whatever, just escapes and go straight to my house. Let’s have party in my house.”

“Okay,” said Shin and Natsume.

Then they ran as fast as they can to Haruhi’s house and they’ve made it.

“MOM! Please open fast!” said Haruhi. “There are many people here!”

“Go inside!! Fast!” said Haruhi’s mom.

“Fyuh, we’re saved,” said Haruhi.

“So, Shin-kun and Natsume-kun, what bring you here?” ask Haruhi’s mom.

“Oh, we’re here to celebrate Shin’s birthday,” said Haruhi. “But because they’re too handsome, they’ve been surrounded.”

“And then, Haruhi’s idea to celebrate my birthday here,” said Shin.

“Okay, I’ll buy the cake first,” said Haruhi’s mom. “You 2 wait at Haruhi’s room, Haruhi, you accompany them too.”

“Okay,” said Haruhi. “Let’s go to my room.”

Then they went to Haruhi’s room, the same as usual Cappy greet them. And then Haruhi went to the kitchen for making the juice that Natsume likes. After she made the juice she went upstairs to bring the juice to her room. Haruhi heard that Natsume was talking to Shin. She was really curious so she was eavesdropped them.

“Hey, I know that you don’t know what day is 17th May tomorrow,” said Shin.

“Yeah, she said that I don’t have to know,” said Natsume.

“Oh, should I tell you then?” said Shin. “It’s her birthday tomorrow.”

“Wh-what!?” shout Natsume.

Suddenly, Haruhi opened the room and act she doesn’t heard anything.

“Hey, while we wait for my mom, wanna have this juice?” said Haruhi. “It’s my aunt special juice. AND please wait here Natsume, hey Shin here.”

Haruhi and Shin went out of the room.

“Hey, I’m sorry to eavesdrop you while you’re talking with Natsume,” said Haruhi. “But, why do you tell him that it’s my birthday tomorrow? It’s gonna be a secret.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry, you have to say that to me first,” said Shin, “but why do you keep it a secret?”

“Well, I explain it first kay?” said Haruhi. “After he finally came back to Osaka, coincidentally he went to the same high school as me. Then, I confessed to him that I liked him since we were little, we have the same feelings towards each other. We started dating but suddenly he was being crashed by a car and had amnesia. I want him to remember that it was my birthday tomorrow.”

“So you liked him?” said Shin. “How ‘bout me?”

“What about you?” ask Haruhi. “What do you mean?”

“Do you like me?” said Shin.

“Well, yeah,” said Haruhi.

“Not as a friend, but as a man,” said Shin.

“E-EH!?” shout Haruhi.

Haruhi saw that Natsume accidentally eavesdropped Haruhi and Shin talking.

“H-hey Natsume, since when did you hear?” ask Haruhi.

“When Shin said ‘do you like me’,” said Natsume with a depressed face. “I’m going home, sorry but I’ll not attend your birthday party, bye.”

Then Natsume went out of the house. Haruhi feels sad.

“Hey don’t be too sad, I’m sorry what I said before, let’s have party between the 2 of us,” said Shin.

“No problem maybe Natsume will be back to his normal self tomorrow. Let’s wait for the cake,” said Haruhi

Then Haruhi’s mom brought the cake, they celebrated the party between the 2 of them only. The next day, Haruhi woke up really early for making the usual lunch for Natsume and her, as usual, picked up Natsume. But, he still acts strange since 2 days earlier.

“Hey, if you’re really sick, I’ll walk you to the hospital,” said Haruhi, “or are you still remembering yesterday? If that, Shin is only joking. He loves to joke around.”

“Oh,” Natsume said with a sick face.

“Your face is kinda pale,” said Haruhi. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” said Natsume

They arrived at school and started to study. At 1st lunch break, Haruhi felt that she was being avoided by Natsume. At 2nd break, Haruhi found a paper that told her to wait at the school garden. At 4 pm, the school ended. Haruhi waited at the school garden. Suddenly, Natsume came to the school garden.

“Hey, I’m sorry to avoid you,” said Natsume. “Oh, and I’m the person that wrote the note.”

“Oh so you’re the person who wrote the note,” said Haruhi. “So what do you want to talk?”

“Do you love Shin, as a man?” said Natsume. “If it’s like that, I’ll help you,”

“N-no! I do not like that idiot,” said Haruhi. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’m jealous,” said Natsume.

Haruhi saw his face was pouting.

“Eh?” said Haruhi. “What do you mean?”

“I’m jealous, so I want you to stay away from Shin,” said Natsume. “In other word I’M IN LOVE YOU WITH YOU!”

Natsume was blushing until his ears are red.

“I don’t need your answer,” said Natsume. “I know that you like-“

“I’m in love with you too,” said Haruhi. “Since we’re little, s-so can you be my b-boyfriend once again?”

“S-sure,” said Natsume

Haruhi thought that this was the best presents of all. Natsume knows remembered her and they started going out. It was like a dream.


The Forgotten Love (part 3)

And Here’s The Part 3 ^^ This part is kinda exciting (=^▽^=)

If you haven’t read the 1st partThe Forgotten Love (part 1)

If you haven’t read the 2nd partThe Forgotten Love (part 2)

At Haruhi’s house, Natsume was being welcomed by Haruhi’s mom.

“Hey wanna go to my room?” said Haruhi. “We can study together too while we wait for the juice.”

“Yeah,” said Haruhi.

At Haruhi room, Cappy suddenly cling to Natsume.

“Wh-who’s this??” said Natsume. “Is that your dog?”

“Yeah. His name is Cappy,” said Haruhi.

“Oh hello Cappy. Nice to meet you,” said Natsume as he pat Cappy head.

“ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff (Well, well Natsume how dare you make Haruhi heartbroken?)” bark Cappy.

“Shhh.. Cappy, It’s not his fault,” said Haruhi to Cappy.

“Oh so you understand what Cappy talks” said Natsume.

“No, no. I understand what animals said and what they wanted to do,” said Haruhi.

“Wow, you’re amazing” said Natsume.

“It’s my great grandma skill,” said Haruhi. “My grandma and mom didn’t have power like me. It was like I was chosen.”

“Wow, that’s great for you. I think I felt that I know someone that similar to you. Have chosen power like that. Maybe my imagination goes wild again,” said Natsume. “Okay let’s start study!”

After few minutes, her mom serves the drink and she went out of the house for shopping.

“What to say now,” said Haruhi in her heart. “It’s too awkward.”

“Hey” said Natsume

“Y-yeah?” said Haruhi

“Why’s at 16 and 17 March the date was being circled at that calendar?” ask Natsume.

“O-oh, at 16 March my best friend is having birthday,” said Haruhi.

“And at 17?” ask Natsume.

“Y-you don’t have to know!” said Haruhi. “Oops, sorry to shout at you.”

“No prob, I just don’t have to know right?” said Natsume.

“Y-yeah,” said Haruhi. “OMG it’s already 6 p.m. You have to go home now. I’ll walk you.”

“Yeah, Thanks” said Natsume.

Then Haruhi walked Natsume home. Then she wanted to go bought a notebook in a market. While Haruhi bought a notebook, there’s a guy who wears black glasses who has been following Haruhi, but Haruhi didn’t notice.

“Hey can you show the way to CL apartment?” said the guy while he touch Haruhi’s hand.

“Sure, going left then you have to walk straight and you’ll find the apartment,” said Haruhi. “Oh and It’s already night, you don’t have to wear a black glasses. You cannot see anything.”

“lol, Okay,” said the guy.

“HARUHII!!” shout Natsume while he was running really fast. “I’ll save you from the strange guy!”

“Huh?” said Haruhi.

“Who’s that?” ask the guy.

“It’s my childhood friend, his name is Natsume,” said Haruhi.

“Oh okay, he is strange,” said the guy.

“He can be strange sometimes,” said Haruhi.

“Hosh.. hosh.. Hey Haruhi hosh.. are you okay?” ask Natsume.

“Hey are you okay?” ask the guy.

“Huh? You’re a stalker right!?” shout Natsume. “You stalk Haruhi at the market right?”

“Huh!? Don’t say I’m a stalker! I’m Haruhi’s best friend since elementary school!” said the guy. “My name is Suzuki Shin.”

“So you do have guy friends Haruhi!” said Natsume

“HUH!? I HAVE!! YOU’RE A GUY TOO!!” said Haruhi. “Are you stupid, even though you’re the 1st rank in school?”

“Oh yeah,” said Natsume. “AND HOW DO YOU BE FRIENDS WITH HARUHI!?”

“Oi take a deep breath, I’ll tell you the story,” said Shin. “I’ve been friends with Haruhi since grade 1. She was a quite student and she always being bullied by other students while I’m really attractive and smart than other students. Then one day I save her from who bullied her. Then she said, “Hey, can I be friends with you?” Of course I would say ‘yes’. After that, she said she wanted to go to the same middle school. She followed my school even though it was really far from her house. But we were separated at high school and now I’m very glad to meet her again.”

“H-hey you speak too much,” said Haruhi while blushing

“Hehe.. Your ‘Tomato’ head is still the same,” said Shin. “OH! Did you remember my birthday? It’s tomorrow!”

“Yeah! I know! How come I didn’t remember my best friend birthday!?” shout Haruhi

“hehe..” said Shin.

Then Shin and Haruhi was talking and laughing at each other. Shin was peeking to see Natsume face. Haruhi was looking at Natsume when Shin was peeking Natsume. His face was kind of angry.

“Oh yeah, tomorrow let’s meet at Big Square restaurant at 4 p.m., I’ll treat you,” said Haruhi. “It’ll be my birthday present.”

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll buy you a dress at your birthday,” said Shin.

“Umm… I have to do my homework first,” said Natsume. “Bye, see you all tomorrow”

“Huh? See you all tomorrow?” said Shin.

“Yeah, I’ll be meeting you at Big Square restaurant at 4 p.m., Bye,” said Natsume.

“HUH!?” said Shin.

“Just let him be, he kinda acting strange today,” said Haruhi

“’Kay,” said Shin. “I’ll walk you home.”

“Thanks” said Haruhi.

They went home safely.


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The Forgotten Love (part 2)

HI!! Here’s the part 2 (*^▽^)/ Hope U enjoy it!!

p.s: Sorry If I have a bad grammar (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)

If you haven’t read the 1st partThe Forgotten Love (part 1)

5 days later, Haruhi was really excited because starting today Natsume is going to school. Haruhi went to Natsume house to pick him up.

“Ding dong,” Haruhi pressed the doorbell

“Excuse me auntie, is Natsume here?” ask Haruhi politely.

“Krek,” the sound of the door as mother’s Natsume opened.

“Oh my goodness it’s Haruhi!! It’s been really long!” shout Natsume’s mother while hugging Haruhi.

“Y-yes. From today I’ll pick up Natsume because maybe Natsume didn’t remember his school,” said Haruhi.

“Thanks Haruhi!” said Natsume’s mom. “Natsume!! Faster!! Haruhi is here to pick you up!!”

“Comin’” said Natsume. “Oh you’re the person from 5 days ago? How’ve you’ve been doing?”

“Fine.. I guess,” said Haruhi while she was walking.

“Hey! Wait for me!” shout Natsume.

Natsume mother chuckled and closed the door. The school start, Haruhi’s class was not the same as Natsume so she was kinda worried. At lunch time, Haruhi eats her food in the classroom with her friend, Nina.

“Hey,” said Nina “Who’s that girl? I mean the girl that is clinging to Natsume?”

“Idk,” said Haruhi. “WHAT SHE IS… No no that can’t be.. not a chance.”

“Are you talking to yourself?” ask Nina “Who is she btw?”

“I-I think she was in my school. I think her name is Marianne. Sh-she hates me to death,” said Haruhi. “ I think she hates me because I’m Natsume childhood friends and girlfriend”

“OMG! Is that true?” ask Nina. “You should take Natsume first before she does!”

“Yeah that’s true,” said Haruhi. “I have to think something! Oh yeah I got it at 2nd lunch time I’ll buy him his fav drink in the canteen. Maybe he’ll remember! Sorry Nina but I’ll be with him”

“Yeah yeah no prob Ha-chii (her nickname)” said Nina.

“Hehe you’re the best!” shout Haruhi.

1st lunch break is over. Now it’s the 2nd lunch break. Haruhi directly went to canteen and bought Natsume his fav drink, an orange milk juice that was made by Haruhi’s aunt.

“Aunt! I wanna buy 1 orange milk juice!” said Haruhi enthusiastically

“Eh? I thought you hate sour things,” said Haruhi’s aunt. “What happened today? Why are you so happy?”

“I wanna go eat with Natsume now,” said Haruhi.

“Oh yeah, Natsume really likes to drink the orange milk juice here,” said Haruhi’s aunt. “This, better ask him how’s the taste. Maybe he’ll remember a little.”

“Yeah!” shout Haruhi while she was running. “Later! Just ask my mom the money!”

“tsk..tsk..tsk” said Haruhi’s aunt as she shook her head. “What a spoiled girl.”

Haruhi ran fast to ask Natsume and she coincidentally bump into Natsume in the school garden.

“Oh sorry,” said Haruhi. “Wait! I mean please drink this juice!! I think you’ll remember something!”

“O-okay?” said Natsume

He drank the juice and he was dazed with it.

“Hey, what’s in it? I feel that I ever taste it under the cherry blossom tree,” said Natsume. “And someone who’s really precious to me is beside me, sorry maybe it’s just my imagination.”

“No, no it’s not your imagination,” said Haruhi. “It’s real. You love to drink this juice when you’re 6 years old. This was made by my aunt.”

“Your aunt?” ask Natsume. “Oh, the one that sells drink. I love the drinks there. Is your aunt lives with you?”

“Yeah,” said Haruhi. “You can come to my house if you want to.”

“Really?” said Natsume. “Can I come to your house today? I don’t know where your house is.”

Haruhi was really happy when Natsume said that.

“SURE!! I’ll walk you to your home too, kay’?” said Haruhi.

“Lol. Okay,” said Natsume.

Then, Marianne came and hugged Natsume.

“Hey, watcha’ doing with my dear?” said Marianne.

“Your dear? Is that true Natsume?” ask Haruhi.

“Absolutely no,” said Natsume. “Please don’t hug me, I’m kinda uncomfortable.”

“Okay dear, but let’s go to the classroom, the bell’s already ringing,” said Marianne.

The 2 of them left and Haruhi was really shock. She came back to class with a depressed face. Then, the school was finally done.

“Ughh.. Why’s there are many annoying people in this world,” said Haruhi while she wanted to went home in the school’s lobby

“Who’s annoying?” ask Natsume suddenly in the back of her.

“KYAHH!! N-natsume you scared me!!!” shout Haruhi.

“Hehe.. Sorry,” said Natsume. “So, let’s go home together.”

“Oh yeah, let’s,” said Haruhi.


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The Forgotten Love (Part 1)

This story was made 1 year ago when I have English project—making story. Then I make this story ( ◞・౪・) . I hope U like it °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°!!

At spring in Osaka lived a girl named Haruhi. She liked her childhood friend, Natsume, since she was 6 years old, but suddenly he moved to Tokyo because his father has business in there. Natsume didn’t have the chance to say ‘goodbye’ to Haruhi. After Haruhi realized Natsume was gone, she cried and cried nonstop for 3 days. She decided to let go of her feelings. Coincidently, Natsume went back to Osaka after living in Tokyo for 10 years and went to the same school with Haruhi.

Few months later, Haruhi confessed her feelings to Natsume. Surprisingly, Natsume have mutual feelings with Haruhi and they started dating. After that Natsume always walk Haruhi to her house.

“Hey Natsume, are you bored to walk me home always? It’s already 4 consecutive days you walked me home” asked Haruhi.

“Nope not at all, cuz Haruhi will be bored if I’m not by your side,” said Natsume with a smirk.

“D-don’t be to overconfident you idiot!” said Haruhi with a ‘tomato’ face.

“Hahaha.. your ‘tomato’ face is funny.. too funny,” said Natsume laughing.

“Hmph… too noisy in here,” said Haruhi “Let’s keep distance.”

“Hahaha.. Just kidding,” said Natsume “Oh yeah It’s almost your birthday right?” said Natsume

“Nope it’s still 8 days more,” said Haruhi.

“Yeah I know, but it’s only 8 days more. Time is really fast. I’m going to prepare it first. Bye!” said Natsume when he runs across the zebra cross at green light.

“Wait it’s-” shout Haruhi panicky.

Then Natsume crashed by a car. Haruhi cries and call the ambulance as fast as she can. Natsume was brought to the Hospital in the emergency room.

Then Natsume have an operation. After 3 hours waiting, luckily he still can be saved, though he has a broken arm.

“Doctor, can I see Natsume after Natsume awake?” asked Haruhi with a red eyes and a worried face.

“Yes of course,” said the doctor.

The doctor left with an unhappy face.

“Doctor, why do you look sad?” ask Haruhi.

“I’m sorry, Natsume is having amnesia after crashing the car,” said the doctor “B-but don’t be sad, maybe he still remember his name, age, his parents, and everyone who is precious to him”

“R-really?” ask Haruhi worried

“Yes” said the doctor

1 hour later, Natsume was awake. Haruhi called her friends. She also was planning to buy a cake and surprised Natsume

“SURPRISE! Did that surprised you?” shout Haruhi and her friends when they open the door.

“Who are you?” asked Natsume

Haruhi was really surprised and she explained that she was his childhood friends and his girlfriend but Natsume didn’t believe any of her words. She was depressed and went home right after she explained to him. In her room, she lied down in her bed and she cried. Then Haruhi’s dog, Cappy, jumped to her bed to entertain Haruhi. Haruhi understands animals what they wanted to do and said.

“Ruff ruff ruff,” bark Cappy as he rolled in Haruhi’s bed.

“Thanks for entertain me Cappy, but now I’m really depressed. Natsume forgot me,” said Haruhi sadly.

“Ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff.. (Cheer up maybe Natsume is only joking),” bark Cappy

“No Cappy he completely forgot about me. I know if Natsume is joking or serious,” said Haruhi.

“Ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff..ruff (he forgot about you, then you have to make he remembers you),” bark Cappy

“Oh yeah!! That’s right!!!Thanks Cappy!!” said Haruhi while hugging Cappy.

“Au..(Yeahh!),” bark Cappy

“Okay I decided to make Natsume remembers all memories that is special!” shout Haruhi

“Au..Au!!(Yeah that’s right!),” bark Cappy


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